Friday, July 26, 2013

Yogurt Push Ups

Tuesday January 5, 1993

Up at 7:45 I start the wash. I feel pretty good. I eat some cereal. For lunch I eat my leftover salad. Later I eat a couple of cookies and at 3:30 some pistachio nuts. I feel nausea about dinnertime and continue to feel yucky until bedtime. I can't eat dinner. I do eat 2 yogurt pushups. I go to bed at 11 feeling yucky still.

Unfortunately, nausea is the main side effect of the chemicals being pumped through Mom's bloodstream by the chemo pump. Now that medical marijuana is legal in California, I can't help wondering if it would have helped Mom's nausea.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"The Babe"

Monday January 4, 1993

I have alot of problems with sweating and getting ready to go get my nails done. At 10:30 I take a pain pill for my chest pain. It makes me so drowsy I can hardly stay awake while Cary Lyn works on my nails. Later I do some shopping and get gas. I have a chili dog for lunch.

I rest in the late afternoon and evening. We watch a movie, "The Babe". We go to dinner at Hudson's. I eat 1/2 an Oriental chicken salad.

I'm surprised Mom could stay awake to watch a movie, and then still have the energy to go out to dinner. It's amazing how women can find the energy to go out to eat when it means we don't have to cook or clean up.

The Holidays Are Over

Sunday January 3, 1993

We sleep in until 8:30 and make love. I feel pretty good today. We put all the Christmas decorations away. We have a quiet evening.

Sounds wonderful to me!