Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Thursday February 18, 1993

Frank goes to his carving class at 8:30. I go back to bed at 8:45 to watch Regis and Kathy Lee. It's a real effort to climb the stairs. finally at 11 I take my shower. I suddenly feel terrible and go back to bed. I feel sick and weak. Frank brings me some orange juice, a banana and some yogurt. I turn off the pump and begin to feel better. It's 3:00 by the time I'm downstairs. At 3:45 we go to see a movie "Cemetery Club". It's a rainy day.

Later about 8 p.m. we go to Hudson's Grill. I order chicken fried steak. I eat most of it but really don't enjoy it. I feel yucky all evening.

It's no wonder Mom is feeling awful after pumping toxic chemicals into her body for months. The fact that turning on the pump helped her feel better immediately is telling. I wonder if she could turn it off during the day, and just pump the chemicals while she is sleeping?

As I write this entry it is Mother's Day 2014. I posted this photo on Facebook today and got so many responses I decided to post the photo on my blog as well. This photo was taken in 1974 on my graduation day from college (California State University Northridge). I love this picture, and apparently many others do as well. Mother's Day is always difficult to celebrate for me since Mom passed away. She passed away a few days before Mother's Day in 1993. That was the hardest one. I know one day I will see her in heaven and that gives me comfort. I do wonder if she is looking down on me from heaven sometimes, and I hope she is still proud of me. I know she still loves me, even beyond the grave. So Mom, on this Mother's Day I thank you for being the wonderful mother you always were on this earth, for all the sacrifices you made, for all the wisdom you imparted, for teaching me about faith in God, and for being a great example of a Godly woman. You encouraged me and inspired me and gave me the desire to be more like you in so many ways. I miss you and I love you.