Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dinner with Marty & Kathy Murphy

Thursday October 24, 1991

Marty & Kathy Murphy have invited us to dinner tonight. We are out and about only to go to lunch. I felt ill at lunch and couldn't eat it. I spent the rest of the afternoon lying down. I guess I overdid it this morning moving all my summer clothes to the other room closet and moving all my winter clothes in. Then I went outside to water all my patio plants.

By 4:30 I'm feeling well enough to go to dinner. Kathy has prepared a lovely dinner and we really enjoy it. My appetite has really returned. We stay to watch the world series game and head home about 9:00 feeling good.

Marthy Murphy worked with mom before she retired and they both continued to be friends for many years. In fact Kathy was at mom's bedside at Kaiser Hospital in Woodland Hills almost everyday for the last 2 weeks of her life. That is a faithful friend. I heard that they moved to Arizona a few years after mom passed away, but I have been unable to find them. I love Facebook for finding old friends, but a friend with a common name like Murphy is hard to find, even if they are on Facebook, which of course many are not.

Exchanging her closet full of summer clothes for her closet full of winter clothes was indeed a big undertaking. Mom had a huge walk-in closet and it was full. One of the guest bedrooms had a closet holding all her off-season clothes, plus a rack devoted just to her square dancing outfits. Mom always loved to shop, and she usually dragged me along with her when I was a little girl. Perhaps that is why I hate to shop!

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