Friday, October 19, 2012

Packing for Our Mediterranean Cruise

Sunday September 27, 1992

Up at 8:00 but tired. The dogs have been barking alot at night lately. That really disrupts our sleep. We spend the day leisurely getting packed for our trip, preparing the house and yard for our absence and making phone calls. We retire about 10:30. Some pain today, mostly discomfort.

We have decided to go to Chris and Ric's with Gary and Maria for Thanksgiving. We'll go early so I can help Chris with the cooking, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

No wonder Mom is tired. Besides the fact that she has cancer, she was up partying past midnight and then the dogs kept her up with their barking. Tomorrow she has a long day of traveling to Europe with a huge time zone change. I have only been to Europe twice, but I remember that I was sick for the first week of my trip both times due to exhaustion and jet lag.

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