Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Year's Day

January 1, 1993
New Year's Day

I have a bad night. I don't sleep well at all and awake with my chest pain. I will be on pain pills all day. We fix a breakfast for Donna and Bob and at 1:30 take lots of food to Gary's house where we'll spend the day. At Gary's house I spend the day in the lounge chair in my coat and covered with a quilt.

Maria's sisters Anna and Patty are there for a few hours. We eat ham sandwiches and dips. At dinner we eat 3 pounds of shrimp and fruit salad and homemade bread from our new breadmaker. Frank and Donna had alot of fun making bread today.

Ric watched football. Chris watched a movie with the boys in the motorhome. We go home at 8:30 and I go right to bed.

Poor Mom, it sounds like her last New Year's Day was a miserable one for her. She had a good day the day before. Too bad she pushed herself too much today instead of just staying home in bed and trying to get some rest.

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