Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Mother had her ways of coping. She drank too much beer too and she had a man friend. He was Italian and he owned the liquor store. I remember one weekend Mother and I took the tent and went to the beach where there were lots of rocks in the water. If you lifted the right rocks you could find baby octopuses under them. I found that thrilling. There were lots of Italian people there and mother's friend. It was the first time I ever tasted duck. They cooked it over an open fire. I liked the shrimp better. Mother slept with her man friend that night. Later, I remember Mother and Daddy had a big fight when we came home and Doris' mother was there with Daddy.

How awful! It sounds like adultery took place on both sides, with mom as a witness. Remember Doris' mother was a prostitute. No wonder there was a big fight, undoubtedly fueled by lots of beer. Mom's parents shown above approximately 1934.

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