Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Junior High Graduation

Wednesday June 26, 1991

Slept very well--only got up once to pee and no hot flashes woke me. Most nights the flashes wake me cause I'm so uncomfortably hot. I kick all the covers off and wait to cool down (5 minutes), then cover up and usually go back to sleep.

Arrive at Maria's mom's house 10 a.m. for Joseph and Junior graduation. We have a BBQ steak lunch with all Maria's family. We like them all alot.

Later at home I give Frank a perm then bake brownies and Krispie treats. Frank makes fudge. I make phone calls.

I napped in the car on the way home from L.A. I seem to have little trouble napping in the car these days and often do.

I remember the night sweats when I first entered menopause, but I used some herbs and soy to alleviate them. My worst night sweats occurred after giving birth. That is a quick hormone adjustment.

Her nephews Joe and Junior (now known as Gabe) were 10 and 12 in 1991. The photo at Lake Almanor above was taken in 1989 with mom and Justin. My sister-in-law Maria always has family gatherings at her parents' home in downtown Los Angeles. The house is very small, but the family is huge. Maria has 8 brothers and sisters! How did they all fit in a 2 bedroom house? When all those siblings get together with their kids, and now even another generation of children, the house is bulging at the seams.

I am amused by mom's comment about being able to sleep in the car because for as long as I can remember she never had trouble sleeping in the passenger seat. She would be talking away and then suddenly silence--she had fallen asleep. To stay awake while driving she often took No-Doze a caffeine pill.

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