Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Yellow House

Monday February 3, 1992

Already February! Our April cruise in the Carribean will be here soon.

I've got the blahs this morning. Can't get going. I just want to sit but I'm getting my nails done by 11:15 and running errands. My cough seems worse. I'll have the chemo doctor check it tomorrow.

We look at a few more houses for Gary and are more convinced he should buy the yellow house. Gary calls in the evening. He wants to make an offer on the yellow house. We're delighted! We'll all go see it again on Wednesday evening with our realtor.

We go square dancing.

Thanks for sending me a picture of your yellow house, Gary. Yes, he did buy the house, and yes it is still yellow. It looks great with the brick exterior.

One thing Ric and I have never done is take a cruise. Mom and Frank took several over the years, to all kinds of places. Anyone who has taken a cruise care to comment? What was your experience like?

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