Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Board Games

Saturday December 19, 1992

We sleep in and have a nice breakfast. I feel so good. I call Gary for them to come to dinner and we will play games. I clean house and dust. We dig out a bunch of adult games from the garage attic. Gary and Maria arrive about 5:30. We eat at 6 p.m., a prime rib dinner. It's great. We spend the evening playing Clue, Concentration, and Yahtzee We have a really good time. We are all exhausted by 11 p.m.

What a great idea. I remember playing Yahtzee, Clue, Monopoly and Life with my friends as a girl. When I was very young it was Chutes & Ladders and Candyland. It was great fun. Today our family owns a Monopoly game, a Scrabble game, and a Battleship game, but they are rarely played. Our boys would much rather sit for hours playing video games with their friends on-line. Although it is still a social game, their friends are in their own bedrooms at home and they talk to each other through a microphone and headset, so it lacks the face-to-face interaction. I encourage our boys to get together with friends in person as much as possible so as not to lose the fine art of communication and body language, but most teens would rather communicate with their friends by texting on their cellphones. Even calling friends on the phone is old fashioned. I have one absurd image in my mind of Derek's high school graduation party. 10 of his friends sat in a circle in our living room. Do you think they were talking to each other? No, they were all texting away on their cellphones!

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