Sunday, April 28, 2013

Phil & Debby Spend Christmas in Idaho

Sunday December 20, 1992

We have a nice breakfast and I watch "Hour of Power" with Dr. Schuller. Debby comes about 12:00 with Sara. Frank puts a car carrier on her Trooper. I make lunch for all of us. Gary and Maria arrive to take Frank bike riding in Moorpark. I spend the afternoon reading.

Phil and Deb and kids will leave tomorrow for Twin Falls, Idaho to spend Christmas week with Jean and Al Gritz, Deb's folks. They plan to ski, ice skate and play in the snow. They should have a great time. Phil is working today.

Frank and gang return. They had a good ride. Later we go out for Mexican dinner. I talk to Joan Larson this evening. Her tumor did not shrink this month. That's OK. It will again.

Nothing like the encouragement from someone who's going through the same trial to lift Joan's spirits. I think that's why cancer support groups and grief support groups are so helpful. No matter how difficult her own trial, Mom always wanted to encourage others.

Mom's last entry about Frank's son Philip and his wife Debby was on February 18, 1992, 10 months earlier, when they were leaving on a weekend getaway to try to rekindle their marriage. Apparently it worked, because nothing is said here about them separating. The previous Christmas was spent apart.

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