Monday, May 23, 2011

Frank Is Feeling Put Upon

Friday October 18, 1991

Donna and Bob will be here tomorrow morning sometime at my insistence that I'm OK for company. Actually we probably won't see much of them as they plan to spend time with Bob's boys. Marc has a new baby and Greg needs some interference--his life is a mess and so is his wife and children.

The tape on my belly seems to be bothering me all the way up and down: itching. The doctor suggests Benedryl. Luckily, I have some.

There is some straightening, etc to do today and Frank is feeling "put upon". I'm sorry. I'm trying not to ask for much from him.

It's a beautiful 85 degree day. Donna and Bob should enjoy this.

Tomorrow I hope to go to Gary's birthday party for a few hours, at Gary's house.

Tonight we're going out for Mexican dinner.

This is hard for me to say because I loved Mom so much and she loved me unconditionally, but mom could be quite bossy. I spent two weeks with her and Frank in Europe in 1986 and I was disturbed at how much she ordered him around. Frank was very patient and usually took her bossiness quite well, but it looks like this day, he finally stood up to her demands. I know it had to be bad because Frank would do anything for her in spite of her domineering attitude. I can relate to mom wanting to have the house nice and neat for company, as she has passed this on to me, and I understand that she must have been frustrated to not be able to clean the house herself after having surgery. Mom always did like things nice and orderly, and fortunately she married an energetic man who liked things orderly too. Unfortunately, I married a man who likes things completely chaotic, and have two sloppy teenage boys as well, so to retain my sanity I have completely given over the upstairs level of our house to their chaotic messes. My "territory" is the downstairs that I struggle to keep some kind of order.

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