Friday, May 27, 2011

I Miss Dancing

Monday October 21, 1991

Up early and off to "Eggs and Things" for breakfast special at 8:30 with Bob and Donna. They leave to visit her sister. I relax all day with my belly exposed trying to dry out the blisters. There is no pain. The incision is healing really well. The infected hole is nearly healed. My energy is good. I am looking forward to walking 1/2 hour each day again and up to one hour soon after. I miss dancing but will miss 2 more Monday nights. I will go to watch though, starting tonight.

I keep my appointment with nurse practitioner in Simi Valley. She says I'm doing good. She makes a big fuss over how well Frank has done taking care of my infection.

I go to square dancing with Frank. He dances. I watch and really enjoy just being with all my friends.

Only two weeks after major surgery and mom is out and about! Pretty amazing. Mental attitude has been shown to have a very close relationship with physical healing, and mom's attitude was very positive. Kind of bizarre that the only physical problem she is having after 2 weeks is an allergic reaction to the tape on her belly. I'm glad Frank was praised for doing something that he found very difficult, and that he got to go square dancing and have some fun. How nice that they shared the same passion for dance.

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