Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dr. Frank

Thursday October 17, 1991

Oops, the tape has caused some blisters on my belly so we see a nurse practitioner at our local Kaiser clinic. She isn't too concerned about the blisters but finds some infection in the incision. She instructs Frank on how to clean out the hole with peroxide and how to clean the rest of the incision.

Frank has a weak stomach for anything red or oozy. I'm real proud of how well he handles this though it is obviously very distressful for him to do twice a day. Then he must replace all the steri-strip tape holding the incision together. I now call him Dr. Frank.

My husband Ric is the same. He gets faint at the sight of blood and always has trouble having his blood drawn. He actually did videotape my C-section surgery in 1995 though. As long as he was looking through the tiny image in the camera he could not see any blood, but when he put the camera down, he fainted and the nurse had to rush to his side until he recovered.

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