Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daisy Didn't Bark

Saturday January 23, 1993

Awoke feeling rested and great. Daisy didn't bark and wake me up last night and I only got up once to go potty. How well I sleep definitely has an effect on how I feel.

I had a bowl of cereal and washed my hair, got cleaned up with no sweats. I frosted 48 cupcakes, went to the bank, had a Carl's chicken sandwich for lunch, ironed my clothes to wear tonight.

Karen King came at 1 p.m. and we visited while Frank showed her how to trim rose bushes. Then I rested for an hour. At 5:15 we left for Bobby McGee's in Burbank for dinner with Phil, Deb, Gary and Maria to celebrate the girl's birthdays on the 27th.

Thank you Lord for answer to prayer and a good day.

From the time I was about 8 years old we always had a dog, sometimes two dogs. In 1993 Mom and Frank had two mutts, Pumpkin, pictured on the left, and Daisy, pictured on the right, sitting for a treat from Justin. They were well-mannered dogs and Mom loved them. My current family has always had two dogs also. Right now we have male and female Boston Terriers, Brutus and Zoey. They are inside dogs so they only bark if there is a loud commotion in the house or in front of the house. Daisy and Pumpkin were outside dogs, since it is much warmer at night in Southern California than it is in Windsor. That's probably why they often barked at noises during the night. While Mom was battling cancer she tried to get outside and walk the dogs around the neighborhood. They enjoyed that.

So glad Mom had a good night's sleep. That is so important, and especially when fighting a deadly disease. Look how much energy she had! She had a very productive day, and a long one! When I have a sleepless night I am good for nothing the next day! No wonder she is thanking God.

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