Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sleepless in Simi

Sunday January 24, 1993

The wind blew hard all night and made so much noise I didn't sleep well at all. It won't be a good day. We have a waffle breakfast and I go back to bed until 11. I shower and get dressed. I'm not hungry for lunch so snack through the day on fruit and popcorn. I feel yucky.

I read newspapers all afternoon. By dinner time I feel nauseous. I eat some soup. Later I eat a scrambled egg and toast so I won't wake up sick in the night. My shoulder is still hurting all day. I hope I sleep well.

Oh yes! When I don't sleep well, I feel yucky too. I am amazed that no matter how yucky Mom feels she still takes the time to write in her journal.

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