Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Uncle Phillip Died Today

Friday January 22, 1993

I don't feel well again today. I have the digestion pain, but manage a piece of toast. I stay in bed. About 1 p.m. I feel better except I feel tired and weak. I manage to shower and clean up but I have trouble with sweating so it's 3 p.m. or later before I'm able to come downstairs.

About 5:30 I eat some noodles with Swedish meatballs. It tastes good. Later I eat a cupcake. I'm tired but feel pretty good. My other symptoms are gone.

Frank hears from his mom that Uncle Phillip died this morning. He had gallbladder surgery yesterday. Suddenly he had a heart attack very early this morning. Not fair! He was so vital for 75. We certainly did not expect this. We are in shock. We go to bed at 11.

Yikes! Gallbladder surgery is pretty routine, almost like having the appendix removed. I have had both removed, appendix in 1992 and gallbladder in 2009.

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