Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Tuesday January 26, 1993

Thanks to prayer I sleep well and wake up feeling well enough to get up at 7 and get ready to leave at 9:30 to go to Whittier to Uncle Phillip's funeral. We meet Phil at Gary's house in Mission Hills and he rides with us. There are lots of people at the funeral, maybe 150+. It's a lovely chapel, an open casket. Uncle Phillip looks pale. The 3 teenage grandchildren carry one side of the casket. Nice!

Afterward we go to Mike and Lori's. Their neighbors have prepared a lovely lunch. I eat very well. It all tastes real good to me. We get home about 5 p.m. I'm tired but OK. It was a good day. I loved seeing everyone.

Mom doesn't say anything here about her own funeral, which surprises me. Her journal would be the place to share her private thoughts. This will be the last funeral where Mom will be present this side of heaven, and the last time she will see many of the people attending. I'm glad she had a good day.

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