Thursday, January 9, 2014

Box Canyon

Sunday February 14, 1993 Valentine's Day

Awake, a good day, at 7:30. Up at 8:00. I wake Frank at 8:30 after my shower. I watch Dr. Schuller until 9. I get ready to go to brunch with Gary and Maria at 10:30. We go to El Torito. It's a great brunch. I eat pretty good. Everyone else eats very good.

After brunch we all go for a drive through Box Canyon and the estates in Chatsworth. We get home about 1 p.m. and walk to next street to Penny's open house. Gary and Maria leave to go hiking.

I read newspapers all day. At 6:00 I begin dinner. I make a meatloaf. I enjoy dinner at 7. I have felt good all day.

What a wonderful day Mom had this day, her last Valentine's Day. I remember hiking in Chatsworth Park as a girl, but had never heard of Box Canyon. From the photos I found on-line it looks like it is just south of Chatsworth and very similar landscape to Chatsworth Park. Even though Southern California is quite congested and metropolitan, it is nice to know there are still some hidden gems.

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