Thursday, January 9, 2014

One More Week On The Pump

Wednesday February 10, 1993

Awake again at 5 a.m. Terrible to lay there for hours. I get up at 7 to get ready for doctor. It has been so nice not carrying the pump.

Dr. Semrad is not there today. I'm very disappointed. Dr. Latino agrees that Dr. Semrad should make the decision with me about the pump. I decide to connect it for 1 more week. I don't have an appetite for lunch but eat a little later. I'm so sleepy I sit in the chair all afternoon sleeping off and on. I don't feel so depressed today.

It's amazing how quickly she recovered when the poison was disconnected and how quickly she suffers from exhaustion and loss of appetite when it is hooked up again. No wonder she's disappointed that her doctor isn't working today. Wondering if Dr. Latino is really his name, or if she just made that up?

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