Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oak Desk Chair

Saturday February 13, 1993

I slept well again. Awake at 7:00. I feel good. I have cereal, OJ and 1/2 grapefruit. Gary, boys and Frank leave about 10:30 for Marklein to fix the roof. I bake a cake for dinner. Then I call Maria and arrange to pick her up at 1:30. When I pick her up she wants to go to the Oak Store to buy Gary a chair for his desk for Valentine's Day tomorrow. We find a great chair.

I'm tired after 1-1/2 hours so rest when I get home. Frank returns at 4:00. We start the tri tip steak and baked potatoes. Maria will bring the salad. The boys stay with us while Gary and Maria go to a concert. A pretty good day for me. I even ate dinner.

I don't know what Gary's chair looked like, but the photo above looks just like the oak chair I had at my desk for years. So glad Mom had a good day and could spend some quality time with her grandsons.

Marklein is the rental house that Mom sold to Gary a few years earlier. He lived there until purchasing the house in Simi Valley.

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