Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gary is Wishy-Washy

Sunday January 26, 1992

Up early. Gary and Maria will come at 10 a.m. to look at this perfect house we found.

Frank still has lost his voice and feeling too punk today to walk. I feel about the same, maybe a little less mucous.

Gary and Maria arrive with the boys and nephew Brian. Brian is sick and throwing up so we take a towel for him and pile into our car to meet the realtor to see a house like the one I want Gary to buy. We look at that and 2 others to convince ourselves that he should buy the one on Emerald. Gary is wishy-washy now, not sure he wants to live in Simi. They leave at 1 p.m. We go out to lunch, get 2 movies, and veg out trying to cure our colds.

Poor Brian having to drive around when he is throwing up! That cannot have been fun for the others in the car either. With Mom and Frank both sick, riding in that car was virus city!

I can see why my brother was hesitant to move to Simi Valley. He already had a long commute to work for the DWP in Los Angeles, and moving to Simi would add another 20 minutes. Would it be worth it?

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