Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roz & Richard

Friday January 31, 1992

Up early and rush to get the yard and house clean. Roz and Richard are coming for lunch. Roz and I worked together for 11 years at Guardian (Medical Equipment). She's 62. Her husband of 5 years is 56. They wanted to see all our vacation pictures. We spent most of the day doing that. We all went out to dinner about 8 p.m. They stayed until midnight.

It's sort of sad. They have no friends and no contact at all with his grown children or his many brothers and sisters. I think it's because Roz likes it that way. They spend alot on their home but never take vacations though they can well afford it. Reason may be Roz has been 70-80 pounds overweight for years. Now she's only 20 pounds overweight and she feels more like going places and doing things. We enjoy visiting with them.

I never met Roz and Richard and have no photos of them. It sounds like Mom is Roz' only friend. That is so special that Mom made such a point of keeping in contact after she retired. I cannot imagine why 70-80 extra pounds would keep Roz from seeing family and friends as well as taking any vacations. While I might not feel comfortable wearing a bikini on the beach, my extra pounds have never stopped me from taking a vacation. How sad!

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