Thursday, October 13, 2011

Too Sick for Dancing

Monday January 27, 1992

We sleep in 10-1/2 hours. We really want to go square dance class tonight but our colds are not much better. We hope for a quick recovery but at 6 p.m. we know we would not be welcome, coughing and blowing our noses while touching hands with everyone and lots of hugging. Later at 8 p.m. we realize we really didn't feel well enough after all. We just wanted to go so badly. We miss our friends and love dancing. Hopefully we can go to our country western dance class tomorrow night.

We are more active today. Our colds are definitely better. I have given up wearing my wrist brace. It's so uncomfortable and there's been no improvement in 4 weeks. Seems like it's a little better after 3 days of not wearing it.

It takes alot to slow them down! We'll see if they're up for dancing tomorrow.

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