Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bringing Home Mother for Christmas

Wednesday December 23, 1992

Up at 6:45 to get ready to leave at 8:30 for doctor. Don't feel real well. I kinda ache all over. At the doctor I have my blood work done, then pick up supply of drugs. I talk to 2 other younger women who also have the pump. One has a spot on her lung. She had cervical cancer. The other has recurrent ovarian cancer. She was clean for 10 months. It's very nice to find someone to talk to.

By 10:30 we're on our way to Mother's to pick her up to bring her home for the holidays. After we pick her up we stop at Hadley's and Kaiser in Fontana to see her doctor. We stop for dinner and reach home about 8:00. I feel fine.

That's a long drive from Simi Valley to Desert Hot Springs (north of Palm Springs) to pick up Grandma Helen. It's 5 hours round trip. So thoughtful of Mom and Frank to include her in the holiday gathering. Grandma Helen is pictured above with Mom, brother Gary and I on Christmas Day 1988.

It would have been great for Mom to have joined a cancer survivor group. I think she could have benefited from talking to other women going through the same thing, and I know she would have been an encouragement to many other women. A woman at my church lead a cancer survivor group for 5 years until she passed away a few months ago. There is nothing quite as encouraging as to have the support and prayers of others on the same journey. For some reason Mom had no interest in joining a cancer group. I think she preferred to live in denial, and joining such a group would mean admitting that the disease was in her body.

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