Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Virus, Flu or Chemo?

Wednesday December 30, 1992

It's a real struggle to get ready to leave for the doctor at 8:45. I feel just awful. I ache all over and my chest hurts. It hurts more when I take a deep breath, even in my neck. Last night my temp was 100.1. Two doctors examine me and talk to me. My X-rays are fine. I could have a virus, flu or a reaction to the chemo. If I'm not better in a couple of days I should disconnect my chemo pump.

At home I take a pain pill and a nap. When I get up I feel so much better. I manage to be sociable downstairs with Donna & Bob. At 3:30 they leave to visit Mark (Bob's son) and family. I lay down with another pain pill.

How awful to have company when she is feeling so awful, even her best friend Donna. It must have been hard for her to put on a happy face. I know when I am sick or in pain, the last thing I want is people around me. I think that's because of the way Mom raised me. As a young girl, when I was sick she didn't make me chicken soup or pamper me. She left me alone, said confidently that I would be fine, and left for work.

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