Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Christmas Dinner

Friday December 25, 1992
Christmas Day

We sleep in and about 2:00 we go to Gary and Maria's to open gifts. We have a lovely time. Gary and Maria fix a lovely turkey dinner.

Maria had to go to Kaiser this morning to be checked to see if the test says she has TB. Luckily she does not. I was worried.

Mother poops out after dinner on the couch. I don't feel too well myself. I lay down on a couch too. I'm cold and I bundle up under a blanket. We go home about 8 p.m. Frank had taken mother home about 7:00.

Thank you Gary and Maria for stepping up to host Christmas dinner. For as long as I can remember Mom always hosted Christmas dinner, but her cancer and the chemotherapy were robbing her energy. This would be Mom's last Christmas this side of Heaven.

Justin's Dad John and I shared custody of Justin and this was John's year to have Justin for Christmas, so we would not be driving down to visit my family for a couple more days.

Strange that Maria had to go to Kaiser on Christmas Day to be checked for TB. Couldn't it wait until December 26?

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