Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Worried & Scared

Monday December 28, 1992

I call and get an appointment for see a doctor here in Simi at 3:30. We go to visit Chris for an hour or so first. The doctor does an EKG. It's OK but my heart rate is 103. They take chest X-rays but see and hear no pneumonia. I will take the X-rays with me to the doctor on Wednesday.

Gary is working til 10 p.m. so we take the leftover spaghetti to Gary's and we all eat the same as last night. I feel terrible so we go home about 8:00. I fall fast asleep on our couch as soon as we get home.

I'm worried and scared. Frank and I cry in each other's arms in bed for a long time.

I found this photo taken the day of Mom's post, and look for pain, worry and fear in her face. She hides it well. Normally our family would stay at Mom's house for the holidays, but this trip we stay at my brother's home and Mom comes to visit us there. One thing does stand out to me about this photo. Normally Mom would have baby Derek bouncing on her knee. In this photo she looks at him from the couch.

I feel sad that Mom is so worried and scared. I wish she would have shared her feeling with me. She always put on a brave confident face, not wanting to worry her children I'm sure. I'm glad she had Frank to share her feeling with and to cry with. Thank you Frank!

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