Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today is a Milestone

Today I start publishing the entries from Mom's final journal (Book 6). Coincidentally the stats on my blog also show I just passed a milestone with my blog. I have just passed 25,000 hits. Thank you to my faithful viewers for hanging in there with me on this journey. Please feel free to post comments here. It's always nice to get feedback.

Tuesday January 12, 1993

Didn't sleep well at all. Don't feel well when I get up at 7:00 but feel I must go to the driving class for the second day. By 9 I'm ready to go. I'm really tired, but make it through the 3-hour class. We go to Coco's for lunch. I enjoy fish and chips. At home I rest and try to take a nap.

Frank goes to Gary's to turn on the heat and make popcorn for Joe and Junior and 4 of their friends.

At 2 p.m. I go to Fantastic Sam's to get a perm. They say my hair is damaged and could not have a perm. They cut and conditioned it.

Not hungry for dinner, we go to Gary's with Junior's birthday present. Frank has cake and ice cream with Gary. We come home after 1-1/2 hours. I'm tired and go to bed at 9:45.

It's no wonder Mom's hair is damaged from all the chemo drugs running through her veins and hair follicles. Surprisingly she has not lost any of her hair yet.

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