Saturday, August 10, 2013

VHS Movies

Thursday January 7, 1993

I slept 9 hours and feel much better this morning. I'm ready at 12:00 to clean bathrooms and make my bed. Later, I go to the bank and pick up a couple of movies.

Frank went to the valley this morning to have breakfast with Marty and Robbie. Then they spent the day working on Marty's trailer brakes. By 4 p.m. Frank is home and we watch the movies together.

At 6:00 we take Smokey to the vet for a shot. I'm hungry, real hungry! By 7:00 we are eating dinner. I really enjoy the salmon, baked potato and zucchini. It's great to be eating dinner. I felt great all day til bedtime. It was a good day.

Just like reel-to-reel home movies are a thing of the past, VHS movies have been replaced by DVDs. What will be the next technology? My kids were raised on Disney VHS movies, but DVDs have been around for almost 20 years now, and the quality is much improved.

Ric and I just got back from a vacation on the Oregon coast where it was foggy, cold and windy all week, so to pass the time, we rented DVD movies, which is something we rarely do at home. I wonder if Mom and Frank agreed on the movies they would watch, because whenever Ric picked out the movie it was dark and violent while I prefer a good romantic comedy. When my movie was being played Ric would leave the room within 10 minutes after quickly losing interest. 90% of the time though Ric picked out the movie, and even though it was his choice, he would fall asleep halfway through and I ended up being the only one watching it!

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