Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Birthday Surprise for Frank

Monday August 31, 1992

We slept in til 8:30 but really slept well back in our own bed. We both still feel full but much better. I have no breakfast. At 10:45 I go have my nails done. Afterward I have a hot dog. I'm still not hungry but it tastes good.

Frank leaves for the library so I take this opportunity to go out to order a birthday cake for Frank. Joan will pick it up for me tomorrow and take it to the board meeting we'll attend tomorrow. He'll be real surprised.

Chris calls. She is upset. Her 55-year-old friend Sharon from work died suddenly in her sleep Saturday night. She had promised to come see Chris today at 4. I try to console her.

We have a lite dinner. I talked to Joan Larson. She is quite optimistic since her tumor is much shrunk. I give her encouragement.

I was looking forward to my friend Sharon coming to visit and see my 6-week-old baby Derek. She called Saturday to tell me she was bringing a gift for him on Monday. On Monday morning another co-worker called from the office to tell me that Sharon had died in her sleep Saturday night. She had an enlarged heart. She had planned to retire later that year. I think the reason I was so upset was because her death was so unexpected and I was worried that my own mother would be dying soon. How would I get by without her? Strangely, it was Mom who consoled ME even though she was the one who was sick. She also was the one who encouraged her friend Joan who was battling cancer. It was like she had so much positivity that she spread it around to others.

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