Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lunch In La Jolla

Friday August 28, 1992

We sleep til 8 a.m., have a leisurely morning and go pick up Steve and we all go to lunch in La Jolla, a quaint little sidewalk cafe. The food is excellent. We take a short drive along the shore, then return Steve to his office. Dee and Frank and I stroll the mall buying some special coffee and Jellie Bellies, then back to the house.

About 4:30 we pick up Steve. He takes us to see a couple of remodels he has done. They are very lovely as are the people who live there.

At 6 p.m. we arrive at the Italian restaurant in Del Mar where we meet Steve's folks, Bob and Yoli. We eat outside with a lovely view of the sea. We have a nice dinner then stroll the mall there.

Bob and Yoli have decided to go on the cruise to the Mediterranean September 28.

While looking for photos of La Jolla on-line I absolutely fell in love with this town. No wonder Frank's daughter Dolores (also called Dee to prevent confusion when Mom and Dolores are together) and her husband Steve ended up buying a house there to raise their family. It looks a bit like Hawaii but without the geographic isolation. The weather is warm all year round and the beaches are stunning. I love this photo of La Jolla cove. Only downside is that is is very expensive to buy a house there, just like Hawaii.

It must have given Steve quite a feeling of satisfaction to see the houses he designed come to completion. It sounds like he had some happy owners that were pleased to show off their newly remodeled homes to Mom and Frank. Steve must have made friends with many of his clients. It sounds like a very good career choice for him.

It sounds like Mom and Frank made quite an impression on Steve's parents for them to suddenly decide to book a cruise with them just a month away. So now they will have gone on a cruise with both Dolores' in-laws and Paul's in-laws. I haven't heard her talk about Philip's in-laws so far. Maybe they are deceased or out-of-state.

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