Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CT Scan Results

Wednesday September 2, 1992

Today we went to see Dr. Schwartz and the last CAT scan. Dr. Schwartz was very sweet when he touched my hand to tell me the news was bad. The tumors had grown larger in 3 months, but not to feel discouraged, there were other treatments to try. We talked about Taxol kemo. I'd have to go to UCLA once a week for a 2-day stay to have it injected and the cost would be thousands for us to pay, another drug he didn't have much faith in and Dr. Semrad's pump system. I said I wanted him to call NCI for latest data. He wants to talk to Dr. Semrad.

I saw the tumors on the CAT and the blanket of cancer on the wall of my abdomen. Not a pretty sight! Quite disturbing. We went out to eat dinner after shopping Costco.

I searched the internet for CT images looking for one I imagined was similar to Mom's image. Just looking at those images was very disturbing to me, so I can just imagine how hard it was for Mom to see her own cancer in black and white. Even more disturbing though was to see the photographic images of the actual cancer on the female reproductive organs. Cancer is so ugly!

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