Monday, March 5, 2012

The Gospel Hour

Sunday May 24, 1992

I am really looking forward to the Gospel Hour of Dixieland Jazz at 10 a.m. There is a big crowd. We're early and get a seat up front. The first song makes me cry "We're Only Here For a Little While". It's a lovely song. I'd like that played at my funeral. There are several songs they sing I'd like at my funeral. One is "What a Wonderful World". I believe it truly is. One song we all stand, hold hands and sing "Down By The Riverside". I'm holding Frank and a Japanese man. It makes me weep I'm so moved. I buy 2 gospel tapes. Frank loves the gospel music too, thank goodness. We spend the rest of the day at seveal locations with Carol and Ed, listening to wonderful Dixieland Jazz.

Thank you Lord for another wonderful, energetic, pain-free day!

Were those gospel tapes played at her funeral the following year? I was so grief-stricken the only song I can remember was my favorite Amazing Grace. I'm so glad that Mom was touched by God at the Gospel Hour, and I'm glad Frank went with her. I feel so close to God when I attend church every weekend, but sadly my husband does not share my faith and I go by myself or with friends, but rarely with Ric.

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