Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Town Sacramento

Saturday May 23, 1992

A good day, physically. I didn't even get tired, but why should I? We sat all day in air conditioned rooms at the Sacramento Inn listening to jazz. Great fun!

we go to dinner at 6:30 with Carol, Ed, Rick, & Berkley. We have Chinese. It's really excellent and so much! Afterward we take the shuttle and the buses to Old Town. It's so crowded but cool by the river. We stand in line a long time for a show only to get turned away because it's full. We finally find a tent that has a few chairs left. Not very good seats, but Igor and his group come on next and we love their show.

Back at Cal Expo later, 11 p.m. there's a long line for our shuttle so we take a taxi for $4 (my idea). A great idea!

So that's the down side of the jazz festival: long waits in line, no seats or poor seats. Hey, at least it was cooler in the evening. Maybe that's why everyone waited until the evening to visit the tents for their entertainment.

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