Friday, March 2, 2012

How Do We Get to The Golden Gate Bridge?

Wednesday May 20, 1992

Up at 5:30 to leave at 7 a.m. for Chris' in Windsor, CA. We stop in Simi at Eggs & Things for a great breakfast and we're on our way. I try to read but end up taking a 2-hour nap. I wake up somewhere on Highway 5. We stop. Frank gets a yogurt and I drive for a couple of hours. He manages to take a short nap. I make a potty stop and we have a taco at Taco Bell. Frank drives and I sleep another hour. When I wake I need a potty stop. We are crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco, but we turn off toward Fisherman's Wharf where we find a restaurant. We go in, use their bathroom, and ask for directions how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We arrive at Chris' at 4 p.m. We tour the house and yard. It's great celebrating Justin's birthday with cake and presents and my birthday present and a late one for Chris from Gary.

After coming into the Bay area from Interstate 5 Frank made the very common error of taking the Bay Bridge into San Francisco, instead of turning north on Hwy 580 in Oakland towards Richmond and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge which would have brought him to Highway 101 leading directly to Windsor in Sonoma County. Once arriving in San Francisco, the freeway dumps traffic onto surface streets in the congested downtown area. At that point, it is a circuitous route on surface streets for miles to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Not fun when exhausted from a long day of driving! How many times have we been lost in a big city trying to figure out where we are with the use of a paper map? Nowadays each of our vehicles has a GPS on the windshield. We simply type in the address where we want to go, and a calm voice directs us where to turn, giving us 2 miles advance warning in order to maneuver into position on the freeway. What a wonderful tool that has saved countless arguments between drivers and passengers!

Justin's birthday is on May 17 and Mom's is on May 26, so by arriving on the 20th, we were able to celebrate both birthdays at once.

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