Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Weddings

Friday May 29, 1992

Off to get my nails done at 11 a.m. I'm not so tired as yesterday. I bank and get the car washed and gassed and treat myself to a chili dog and ice cream later. At home I call Chris for a list of what she has for baby. She wants to get married at L.A. City Hall when they are here for her shower June 13. I agree that's much better than Las Vegas. Gary and Maria said last night they are getting married at city hall next Friday June 5.

Frank is at the doctor about his sore in his nose he's had for 2 months plus. I'm worried!

Frank's son Paul and his wife Judy were hosting a baby shower for me on Saturday June 13 at their home in Palmdale, so it made sense to have the wedding while we down in Southern California so that our family could be there. We brought Ric's mother and Justin down with us for the shower and the wedding. But getting married at L.A. City Hall was not a good choice. The place was depressing and the "officiate" acted bored as she read from her script. We had to wait in a crowded room for hours for our name to be called. My first wedding was a beautiful church wedding followed by a reception with live band and buffet dinner. This time I was just too sick with the pregnancy to plan anything special, but any place besides L.A. City Hall would have been better.

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