Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heading Home

Wednesday, May 27, 1992

Heading Home.

We've been gone a week. Time to head home. We're on our way around 9 a.m. We have a pleasant drive home. We take turns napping and of course I get more than my share. It's so good to get home. The dogs and cat are so happy to see us as usual. We have 13 phone messages and a ton of mail.

I have felt so good this past week except for my nagging feeling that those 2 little pains in my lower abdomen are something to worry about. Good to sleep in our own big bed!

As much as I enjoy travelling, one of the best parts is coming home! There is nothing like sleeping in my own familiar bed. The worst parts though are the pile of mail, the bills to pay, and the laundry to do.

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