Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Fatal Decision

Wednesday September 9, 1992

I feel better today but it's still noon when I'm ready. We slept in. I'm anxious to hear from Dr. Schwartz. He finally calls about 12:30. NCI reports there are many studies going on with combination of drugs. Nothing conclusive. He has talked to Dr. Semrad. Out of 8 Dr. Senrad has treated for ovarian cancer, 3 are still in complete remission, 2 had partial results, and 3 did not respond. Dr. Schwartz feels comfortable with that choice. I tell him I will miss him. He wants me to keep in touch.

I call Dr. Senrad. He thinks it will be fine to wait til we return from our trip to start my treatment from him. He'll put the catheter in on October 20. I'm comfortable with that.

We go to Gary's at 4:30 to stay with the boys. Maria has doctor appointment at 4. When they get home we all go out to dinner to celebrate Frank's birthday (late).

I remember this day well. I was so angry with Mom. Her CT scan from August 17 shows her abdomen is riddled with cancer and she has not had chemotherapy for months. Now she's going to wait another 2 months to start chemotherapy again. I read ahead in her journal and she finally started chemo with the pump shown above on November 10. That's another 2 months to wait! What's more important, a Mediterranean cruise or her life? I am angry just thinking about it again now. Was Mom back in denial?

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