Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Visit With Paul, Judy & Tayler

Tuesday September 15, 1992

Frank left for carving class at 8 a.m. I arose at 8:15. I dressed and took off for my walk. when I returned I had breakfast and got cleaned up.

Judy called and invited us for dinner. Paul will make spaghetti. I called Debby. We will all go to see her and the kids at 3 p.m. Phil will be at work.

I feel real good today. We arrive at Paul and Judy's at 2:30. Tayler is sleeping still at 3:30 so Frank and I go alone to see Deb, Joey and Sara. As usual Sara is overjoyed to see us. Joey looks thin in the face, especially his teeth seem too large for his face. We visit for an hour or so then return to Paul and Judy's where Paul has made us a spaghetti dinner. Tayler is so tiny but not thin. We stay til 8:30. I have felt wonderful all day.

Paul is Frank's son who lives in Palmdale, about a one-hour drive from Simi Valley. Paul drives more than an hour each way to his job for the Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power. Paul and his lovely wife Judy made a great couple, but sadly have since divorced. I have no photos of their daughter Tayler as an infant, but I did find this one that was taken 8 years later of Paul, Judy, Tayler and their son Nick. Frank's other son Phillip is also divorced from his ex-wife Debby.

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