Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boating With Baby Derek

Sunday September 13, 1992

Feeling tired and run down most of the day. I'm still walking 1 mile each morning. I can feel the difference in my body already.

I call Gary. He's feeling better but weak. I call Chris. They went boating yesterday. The baby loved it. He is sleeping all night 8-6a.m. He's 8 weeks old now.

We have an average day. Frank is always so busy. He's doing some brick work in the back yard now.

Joan called. We had a good visit. She's feeling pretty well except for a couple of days each month due to Kemo.

Wow, I am amazed that Mom can feel a difference in her body after walking a mile for 3 days!

The photo above is taken in the summer of 1990 at Lake Sonoma. It is our 1986 Beachcraft that we bought early in 1990. We used the heck out of that boat, exploring different lakes all over California every almost weekend that year and the next. This was probably our first outing in the boat in 1992 due to my pregnancy and new baby. But now Derek is 8 weeks old and we are out on the lake. As I recall the noise of the engine put him right to sleep. We took the boat out on Lake Powell in July 1993 and hit a rock that was lurking just under the surface of the water near Bullfrog Marina. That was scary! I was afraid I would have to swim to shore with a one-year-old baby. Fortunately, shore was only 1/4 mile away and we managed to limp there with the broken boat and spend the night on the shoreline. We replaced that boat with a 1990 Reinell that is very similar to the Beachcraft except that it has an open bow. The Reinell still sits in our driveway, but after almost 20 years has never been used as much as that Beachcraft was. This year Ric finally towed the old Beachcraft to the dump. It felt a little sad because of all the good memories that boat held.

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