Friday, September 7, 2012

I Walk A Mile

Friday September 11, 1992

We sleep in. Frank and I walk 1 mile for my first day back to walking. I do fine. Not too tired. Frank later takes his 4-mile walk alone while I get cleaned up.

I spend most of the day reading all the old newspapers. We have dinner. Then I get a phone call from Roz. She tells me Gail, my old working companion, has died. She was bleeding internally and wouldn't go to the doctor. When she did she died 15 hours later. I'm in shock. She was like a daughter to me. She was 41 and left a 9-year-old daughter. I still can't believe it. I call and talk to her husband, Jim. It's so sad.

Wow, first my coworker Sharon passes away, and now Mom's coworker Gail. Sharon was 55 and lived a full life, but Gail was so young. Her daughter must have been devastated.

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