Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fruit Cobbler

Tuesday September 8, 1992

Bad morning. I don't want to get up. After a late breakfast, I try to get cleaned up but keep having to lay down. Finally I'm dressed and makeup on and hair curled and now I feel alot better. I feel better the rest of the day as I do the wash and read all the newspapers from the past week.

We have a light lunch and light dinner. I make a fruit cobbler and eat some about 8 p.m. I feel awful in my tummy til bedtime. I must eat light and carefully and only when I'm hungry or I'm going to feel bad. I won't get my money's worth on our cruise, I'm sure.

Dr. Schwartz calls to say he'll talk to Dr. Semrad tomorrow and will call after.

Does she really need to curl her hair and put on makeup to do laundry and read all day? If it makes her feel better, I guess she does. I can relate to what she says about watching what she eats. Doctors say not to eat for 3 hours before bedtime in order to sleep better and avoid overtaxing the digestive system and retaining fat and calories overnight. I know this in my head and understand it rationally, but I continually eat sweets just before bed. The worst is chocolate! It gives me acid reflux every single time and I wake up in the middle of the night burping acid. Why do I eat chocolate when I know this is what will happen? Mom's immune system is already overtaxed while it tries to fight off an invasion of cancer cells, and adding sugar to her diet is just like adding poison. How will she resist all those desserts on the cruise ship?

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