Saturday, November 24, 2012

100 Temp

Friday October 16, 1992

I awake feeling a little better. We have breakfast and Frank colors my hair. I'm done in after that and back in bed for an hour or so. I have 100 degree temp. I'm finally up and ready by noon. Frank gets us chicken sandwiches from Carl's Jr. I get terrible intestinal pains from that. I call the doctor to ask for antibiotics. I must have an intestinal bug. Maybe I got it from drinking the tap water in Barcelona. How much of this is caused by the cancer?

The Simi doctor never calls back but after several hours my stomach pains subside. I am up but on the couch much of the day. I manage to do a little housework.

I fall asleep early on the couch. I'm still tired and sleeping 10-11 hours each night.

I'm no doctor, but I imagine the combination of jet lag, numerous abdominal malignant tumors, and perhaps the tap water in Barcelona, all contributed to her exhaustion, intestinal pain and fever. I drank the tap water in Barcelona when I was there in 1974 and I was sick for several days afterwards.

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