Thursday, November 22, 2012

La Rambla Barcelona

Monday October 12, 1992 Barcelona, Spain

God has answered my prayers once again. I feel so much better. And the agent has arrived with our tickets for the tour and our trip to the airport on Tuesday. I hurry to get ready. Frank goes down for the continental breakfast in our hotel. He brings me 2 rolls. I'm off with little make-up and a damp head. We take a cab a few blocks to catch our bus at 9:15. It's a great tour. Some we already saw yesterday and the Olympic area we saw Saturday. We go to a Spanish village which is a recreation of other parts of Spain. Great!

Our tour is finished at 12:30. We take a cab back because of light rain. We rest and go out on La Rambla to a cafe for a sandwich lunch. We walk alot. I feel good. We buy a pastry in a pastry shop and stroll the boulevards, watch a carousel in a park, return to rest before dinner. It starts to serve at 8:00. We eat at our hotel. My salmon dinner is terrible. Frank likes his pork dinner.

So glad that Mom is feeling better, and that they got to take a better tour. This one sounds like fun. The summer Olympics were held in Barcelona just a few months before Mom and Frank visited, so I'm sure the city was spruced up nicely. Perhaps seeing the Olympics in Barcelona on TV is what inspired them to take a Mediterranean cruise.

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