Thursday, November 8, 2012


Wednesday October 7, 1992 At Sea

Awake at 6 a.m. feeling wonderful. I must have had 10 hours of sleep. After our 8 a.m. breakfast Frank goes to his exercise class and walking. I go to tour the bridge. It's interesting with all the buttons and dials. We're on automatic steering in the open seas. During the day we passed the islands of Sardenia and Corsica.

I play the race horses and win one so spent $5. Later I play Bingo. Frank and I take a dance class and learn the tango again. After dinner we go to the show with great dancers and singers, but I have trouble staying awake. We retire early.

Mom was so lucky to have a husband who enjoyed dancing. Oh how I wish I could dance the tango, the foxtrot, the cha cha, or the west coast swing with my husband. Getting out on the dance floor is the same as torture for him.

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