Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunday La Sadana Folk Dance In Barcelona

Sunday October 11, 1992 Barcelona, Depart ship

Up early and ordered off the ship at 8:10. We were in no hurry, but that was our assigned time. No problem with customs, but had to fight for a cab. It cost us $7 or 650 pisada. We were lucky they let us into our room so early in the morning when we reached our Hotel Regina. It's a nice hotel, three star. Our room is spacious with 2 twins pushed together. Bath has a bidea.

We rest until 11:30. I don't feel well but we go walking down the La Ramble, a broad street where everyone goes for a walk. There are cafes, 2 McDonalds, Burger King and Kentucky Colonel. There are stands of fresh flowers and birds and pets for sale.

We find the square in front of the cathedral where peple gather to dance in huge circles to a live band. It's wonderful to watch. We have a great hamburger and fries at Burger King and return. I feel full of pain and sick all over. I sleep off and on all evening and all night. I pray alot.

La Sardana is a traditional and patriotic folk dance of Catalonia. You can see La Sardana dancing every Sunday on the Plaza PlĂ  de la Seu in front of Barcelona's La Seu cathedral in the Barrio Gotico area. I can't tell from Mom's post if they knew about it in advance or they just stumbled upon the dancers, but it sounds like a wonderful thing to see, and their timing was perfect, arriving at noon on Sunday. Too bad Mom and Frank chose Burger King for lunch. It sounds like the greasy fries and burger upset her stomach. At least they had a nice spacious hotel room to enjoy instead of the tiny cabin they had on the ship.

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