Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And I Have Lots of Friends Who Care About Me

Saturday November 7, 1992

I feel pretty good again this morning. I pick up Maria at 10 a.m. We go to the craft fair at the Senior Center. We go to a few other fairs and stores, then to lunch at Eggs & Things. It's 3 p.m. when I finally take her home. We had a really good time together, alot of fun.

I go home to lay down and rest a couple of hours. I prepare some cheese bread and we go to Jeannie & Duane's for a potluck lasagna dinner with Harvey & Linda & Myra & Dave. We have great fun, lots of laughs and a good dinner. Found everyone has their problems. I really wouldn't want any of theirs. I have a good life full of lots of love and plenty of everything I could want, lots of friends who really care about me.

It's a late night for me. We get home at 12:30. I'm exhausted.

Mom was very blessed to have so many friends who truly did care about her. Many of her friends went way back to her elementary school days. Unfortunately, Frank threw away Mom's photo albums that I am quite sure had hundred of photos of her friends and activities during their marriage, so I don't have photos of Harvey & Linda, Myra & Dave, or Jeannie & Duane, but I do know that their friendship went back many years. I do have plenty of photos of Donna and Bob, like the one above taken at Lake Almanor in 1989. Donna was her best friend and we spent many vacations with them over the years.

It seems like Mom is finally beginning to become resigned to her own death. In spite of the fact that her problem is terminal illness, she still would not want to trade that for anyone else's problems. She appreciates all the friends and family she has loved over her lifetime, and is reflecting on how good her life has been instead of being sad or angry that it is ending.

Mom always loved to shop and I remember as a little girl she would drag me from store to store shopping for clothes. I hated it, and I still do not enjoy shopping. Fortunately, I am married to a man who loves to shop, so he does the grocery shopping, and I buy clothes maybe once per year. Maria loves to shop too, and makes a big production about getting up early on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving to hit lots of stores. I'm glad Mom had Maria to go shopping with.

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