Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dolores Is Pregnant

Sunday November 8, 1992

I sleep very well but wake up tired. I feel exhausted and can't get going 'til 1 p.m. I read some old newspapers and write a letter to Shirley after I call Mom and Chris. Frank keeps very busy as usual.

Dolores called last night to say she is 5-1/2 weeks pregnant. After 2 miscarriages we are as thrilled as she is. She has morning sickness all day, but doesn't mind. The baby is due in July. I will continue to pray for her.

I seem to have a lot of small pains in my abdomen. It hurts to bend over or stretch.

Frank fixes dinner. That's nice.

Dolores is Frank's youngest child and has been married 6 years at this point. Her daughter Robin was born the following July, but Mom would never get to meet her.

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