Thursday, January 3, 2013

Too Much Halloween Candy

Sunday November 1, 1992

Didn't sleep from 12-2 a.m. Too much caffeine in all the chocolate candy I ate last night. Difficult morning. Tired, lots of sweating and rapid heartbeats. It was 1 p.m. by the time I was dressed.

Frank went to the rental house in Newbury Park from 9-3:30. I went to the grocery store and had lunch at Del Taco. I ate a sausage from the market deli and by 3:30 I had a stomach ache and didn't feel well.

At 4:00 we go to visit Frank's folks. We wait until 6:30 to eat because I don't feel well. I eat well, but get terrible pains in my stomach. I'm nauseous by the time we leave at 8:30.

We gave Frank's mom the earrings we bought her in Florence, Italy. She was thrilled.

What a rough night! I can't eat chocolate at night either because it gives me heartburn and keeps me up. The sugar and caffeine are probably causing her rapid heartbeat.

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