Friday, January 25, 2013

A Phone Call From My Niece Lynne

Monday November 9, 1992

Up at 7:30 feeling better than yesterday but not great. I push myself and at 10:45 I have my nails done. Carri Lynn has cancelled all her other appointments for today. Her carpal tunnel syndrome wrist is really hurting.

I buy a hot dog and bring it home to eat. The dog tastes rotten so I throw it away after 2 bites. I try to read the paper but fall asleep. Frank comes home from the valley. We go to the Newbury Park house to repair gates. We stop at the market. I feel terrible--sick. When we get home I have an almost normal B.M. Wonderful! Maybe my bowels are not so crushed by my tumors after all.

We relax and rest all evening. I get a wonderful phone call from Lynne.

There are 28 feet of intestine in the average body, 21 for the small intestine and 7 for the large intestine. Introduce several tumors into the abdomen, and no wonder the intestines will be pinched in many places.

My cousin Lynne, who lives in Seattle, is the youngest child of my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Gene (Mom's brother). Lynne and Mom were very close just as I am close to her mother since Mom passed away. I'm glad Lynne got to have a nice visit on the phone with Mom. She stood up at Mom's funeral to read a letter she had written to Mom too. It was very touching.

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